• What is the cost of playing for Warriors Volleyball Club? (Please refer to the bottom of the FAQ regarding tournaments for the 2020-2021 season)
  • 11u / 12u Practice team meets once a week for 2 hours
    December thru March
    13u *3 to 5 tournaments $1,400
    14u - 17u *5 to 7 tournaments
    (multi-day tournaments count as 2)
    18u *5 to 7 tournaments
    (multi-day tournaments count as 2)

    There are two payment options:

    1. In full, once acceptance to a team is received.
    2. Three installments - first installment given upon acceptance to a team is received, second on November 16th and third on December 16th.

    Installments 1st 2nd 3rd
    11u / 12u $500 $500 -
    13u $600 $400 $400
    14u - 17u $800 $450 $450
    18u $800 $450 $450
  • How do I register for tryouts?
  • Click here to register
  • Do you offer a discount for siblings?
  • Yes, we offer a $100 discount on the 2nd sibling.
  • How do I become a GEVA member?
  • Apply for GEVA membership


  • How do I know which team(age) I should tryout for?
  • If you are in 7th grade-13u, 8th grade-14u, 9th grade-15u and so on. BUT, every club must still follow the USAV/GEVA Age Definition chart when it comes to older players trying to play on a younger team(i.e. a 17u aged player cannot play on a 16u or 15u team). Players are allowed to play "Up" to an older team but cannot play "Down" to a younger team, based on where they fall on the chart(i.e. a 15u aged player can play on a 16u or 17u team).
  • How many coaches per team?
  • Each team will have two experienced coaches. We feel this allows for a more structured practice and more one on one or small group positional time when needed.
  • How many players will be on each team?
  • We try to keep each team to approximately 10 - 12 players. This allows players to receive more reps during practice drills, more one on one attention with each of the two coaches on the team, and more playing time during tournament competitions.
  • What is a practice team?
  • This is for beginner volleyball players. Basic fundamentals will be taught. (i.e. serving, passing, hitting, etc). This program will help to develop and prepare your player for competitive school level volleyball.

Tryouts / Practices

  • When are tryouts?
  • Tryouts are in October, see schedule for dates and time.
  • When are practices?
  • Practices are twice a week for two hours each practice session. Practices start the first week of December and run thru April/May (varies per team)
  • Are parents allowed at practices or tryouts?
  • No. All tryouts and practices are closed to Warrior Staff Only. This is due to insurance liabilities as per USAV and GEVA.
  • When should I register for a GEVA membership?
  • You must register and receive a membership number prior to attending any GEVA / USA Volleyball sanctioned event. You MUST have a GEVA / USA Volleyball membership to tryout at any event.
  • How do I prove my registration is valid?
  • Membership have been moved to Sports Engine and will no longer be on webpoint. Bring proof of registration along with the USAV Medical Release Form (available on website) to each event you attend. Jot down your password and keep it. It will make upgrade, changes in your registration, club selection, and renewal next season easier.
  • Why does my Tryout Registration say "pending"?
  • Your tryout membership is good only for the current sanctioned tryout season dates listed. It will show active before the first date.


  • When are the tournaments and how long are they?
  • Tournaments are on Weekends and usually run all day. Make sure you clear your calendar for the entire day. We do not have specific dates yet, as the schedule is not available until December.
  • How many tournaments are during the season?
  • 12u / 13u *3 to 5 tournaments
    14u - 17u *5 to 7 tournaments (multiday count as 2)
    18u *5 to 7 tournaments (multiday count as 2)
  • How do I know if a tournament is cancelled? When will we cancel?
  • Refer to GEVA Juniors Inclement Weather Policy. GEVA makes every effort to fulfill their commitment to teams and clubs by conducting all scheduled tournaments. Sometimes things get in the way. The inclement weather practice has been to hold the tournament if at all possible (even if some teams are more effected than others). Exceptions are made in dangerous situations, and those beyond our control. If the weather is bad, (snow and ice) your safety is paramount. Do not drive if it you don't feel safe.
  • Why does GEVA cancel a tournament?
  • GEVA will cancel for two reasons:
    1. The staff determines the weather and driving conditions are too hazardous.
    2. If the facility where we are holding tournament cancels our access.
  • When do I know if my tournament is cancelled?
  • When possible, a decision is made prior to 9 pm the evening prior by GEVA. If a situation worsens overnight, the decision is adjusted prior to 5:30 am the day of the tournament. Once cancelled, there will not be a change of mind.
  • How do I know if my tournament cancelled?
  • GEVA will send information through webpoint to Club directors, and AES to participating Clubs. GEVA will also post on juniors and home page of Warriors VBC will also immediately post on twitter (@warriorsvbc) any tournament cancellations that affect our teams as well as email notifications to the team affected. Safety is paramount. Do not drive if it you don't feel safe.
  • "*" Will there be tournaments for the 2020-2021 club season?
  • With the uncertainty that covid-19 has put upon our lives, Warriors VBC will begin our season as a Practice/Training Only format. Teams will be made in the same process as in the past. Since we are starting as a training only format, we have lowered our season pricing. We do hope and believe that by next year we will be able to compete against other teams at GEVA's 1Day tournaments and potentially NorthEast multi-day away tournaments. Due to restrictions and uncertainties related to COVID-19 and policies set by each state and local government, we are unable to determine the cost, format, or availability of local tournaments. If and when tournaments become available, the cost to attend them will be divided equally among each player on their specific team as an additional charge. This fee will be assessed whether you choose to attend or not. As a reference, 1Day tournament fees were up to $350 each. Also, we will add a charge for coaches time, travel and meal expenses.